Bible Study:Ecclesiastes Cont..

Dr.Daniels continues through the book of Ecclesiastes, beginning in Chapter 2.  Tune in & Enjoy!

God's Plan

The Coronavirus has changed our current way of life. It's up to us to see how long this will last due to how we listen and follow God's Plan of coming together globally.

“Finding Calm During Calamity”

Isaiah 40:28-31 

“Finding Calm During Calamity”

1.  Our God is the creator of all things.

2.  Our God will never allow His creation to fall.

3.  Our God will supply us with the strength we need to endure any situation.

Bible Study: Ecclesiastes 1:1

Tune in as Dr. Daniels navigates us through the book of Ecclesiastes. 

“Seeing God In the Plague”

A Way of Life: Election, Coronavirus and Exodus.

CB and Dr. Daniels are back with a candid discussion about how this new way of life affects our normal decisions.