"When God Say So"

 Daniel 5:24-30  

"When God Say So" 

 1. Be sure to understand what God is saying in your life. 

 2. Be humble and acknowledge what God has been in your life.  

3. Don't worry about the when, praise God for the what. 

"You Do God and Let God Do You"

 1. Believe on the name of Jesus. 

 2. Love one another as Jesus commanded. 

3. Let God provide. 

Bible Study Proverbs:19

Dr. Daniels Bible Study Class  Proverbs:19

"The Action of Faith"

Hebrews 11:17-19  "The Action of Faith"  1. Faith goes where God sends and does what God says.  

2. Faith leaves the unfaithful doubters behind. 

3. Faith provides that which we need to accomplish God's purpose.

"God's Promise To Bless"

1. God will open the windows of Heaven for you.  

2. God will keep you secure.

3. God will use you to make others jealous.