The S.T.E.M program uses the pipeline approach and focuses on two areas.  It is designed so that students who complete the program will be positioned to become either professional scuba divers or commercial airline pilot.  While the program itself does not currently have the certification necessary to certify students in either of those areas, it does provide them with the skills needed for enter into either field. Dr. Michael G. Daniels is both a certified Master Diver and Instrument Rated Pilot, he along with other professionals in the fields will provide the students with the training necessary to become certified in these areas of study so when they attend certified schools they are will poised to master the classes.

If the student has an interest in becoming certified as an open water diver, the student enters into a program that teaches all the basic skills necessary to become certified as an open water diver.  The basic program covers a minimum of six areas: Diving Equipment; Using Diving Equipment; Your Body and the Underwater World; Planning and Executing The Dive; The Underwater World; and The Scuba Diving Experience and Beyond.  Thus, the student is given instruction in areas that allow them to learn the effects of increasing pressure on the body, the functioning of the lungs, the effects of breathing compressed air; the effects of nitrogen on the body; how to use various dive tables to compute no-decompression limits and surface interval requirements; the basics of the ocean environment; underwater navigation, and dive physiology.  Students may also continue by learning other specialty areas needed to become a professional diver. Students that demonstrate the ability to dive have the opportunity to actually get certified as an open water diver by their senior year in high school.

A similar approach is used for the pilot program.  However, due to the cost associated with the rental of aircraft, the student only gets an introductory flight after completion of the classroom study.  If the parent has the finances needed to rent an aircraft, the student will have the opportunity to acquire their private pilot’s license by their senior year in high school.

Even if the participants do not become certified prior to leaving high school, they will have the skills and abilities that will allow them to get certifications in either area within two – four years after completion of high school (two years for the professional scuba diver and four years for the commercial airline pilot).

For more information about our S.T.E.M. Program, please contact the church office at 757-552-0620