Historical Notes of Enoch Baptist Church

Our late Pastor, Dr. Earnest C. Walton was the founder and organizer of our great church, which began August 13, 1961 on 201 Westover Avenue, where we held services until November 1961.

During the month of November, the church moved to 201 Duncan Avenue. We continued to reside there until November, 1965, at which time we moved to 317 Graydon Avenue.

Significant growth and development was experienced on Graydon Avenue for a period of eight years. In March of 1973, the church was forced to move due to regulations of the Housing Authority. The Housing Authority settled and purchased our land on March 15, 1973 which is when we moved to 7110 Clayton Drive.  On the fourth Sunday in August, 1973 we begin to meet at that location having completed phase I of our phase II building plan. We met first however, in Oakwood Elementary School from March 15, 1973 through August 19, 1973.

In 1989 our founder and then Pastor, Dr. Earnest Walton retired after having served faithfully for 28 years.

In June of 1989, our current Pastor, Dr. Michael G. Daniels was elected to serve. During his leadership, significant spiritual and physical growth was been observed. Renovations were completed adding office for secretary, two classrooms, he kitchen was enlarged, a bathroom was added for the Pastors’ study, the external face of the church was remodeled, and a parking lot was added. Also, during this time, the membership of the church grew to the extent that church facility could no longer accommodate our needs.


In 1998, we began the process of securing 3 acres of land to develop a church which would house 500 to 900 people and accommodate our church needs until the new millennium.