DreamALIVE – Developing Responsible Educated And Mature (youth) Actively Living In Victory (at) Enoch is a youth empowerment (?) established in 2013 on the belief all youth are capable of achieving their full potential if the social, cultural and legal barriers to their success are recognized and addressed.

Mission Statement

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

The mission of DreamALIVE is to reach the young individuals of society between the ages of 5 to 19 in an uplifting manner teaching ways in which not to be left behind due to their environmental settings. We challenge every youth to strive for greatness by providing personalized programs that are intended to empower and help develop life-long skills and education to inspire them to achieve their full potential.


The purpose is to build a generation with efforts to increase youth’s ability to become more positive and productive individuals within the community through programs participation. Dream Alive offers programs that focus on career readiness and development, leadership development, socially self-reliant skills, academic achievement, career development, leadership development, drugs/health/gang issues, financial literacy and community service.


Every youth has the potential to become a good leader, but this potential sometimes needs to be developed. DreamAlive offers various activities to keep them on the right direction in life. Activities such as youth lock-ins, workshops, quarterly field trips, along with monthly conversations. DreamALIVE is designed to develop and cultivate youth in the Western Bayside Community and surrounding area(s) to become strong leaders, to choose positive lifestyles and to make wise decisions:

  • by impacting their lives mentally and physically with the word of God.
  • by providing a healthy outlet for youth in a safe and nurturing environment
  • by teaching that despite any obstacles, through Christ, with a positive mindset you will not be defeated
  • by developing responsible individuals through financial literacy and economic awareness;
  • by exposing to cultural awareness;
  • by encouraging high scholastic and ethical standards;
  • by improving social status through community involvement and resources;
  • by building character and promoting unity through the development of relationships among peers;
  • by educating and helping to alleviate problems facing youth in today’s society.
  • and by empowering youth to DreamALIVE in all they do!

Our aim is to assist youth in the development of a concrete skill base enabling them to be effective leaders in their schools and communities while walking the young Christian life. We want to always push/uplift the generation of today forward to a brighter tomorrow, never falling short to be left in the dark. All children have the opportunity to shine. God created and gave us life and purpose and we want to teach youth to appreciate it, plan ahead for it and enjoy it with a positive mindset.

For more information about DreamAlive, please contact Chrisawn Barksdale at 757-777-1119